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telemarketer101's Journal

Because hanging up just isn't good enough anymore

101 (and more) Ways to Annoy Telemarketers
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You know you've felt it; the extreme irritation at being interrupted in the midst of something more important than that new Nokia handset. You know you've been tempted to reduce yourself to immature and inconsiderate tactics in order to get rid of them.

Here's your chance.

We're 101 (and more) Ways to Annoy Telemarketers, and we're dedicated to to pissing/scaring the hell out of those poor, misguided souls. Is it puerile? Yes. Is it utterly rude? Yes. Do we care? No!


For anyone who hates telemarketers...

For anyone who's been harrassed by telemarketers...

For anyone who wants to hang up and feel something other than exasperation...

For anyone who just has nothing better to do and feels like being a menace to society.

Here is your chance to shine.

(Oh and note: That list of interests isn't actually ours. We're just shameless and have them there in the hope that it gives our comm extra advertising)